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Wall paintings of the ancient Egyptians, which depict women grinding grain on stons to make flour, are the evidence of how bread was important for the Egyptian culture. Bread in those periods was fairly tough, but it was very easy to move these flat loaves to military camps or hunting regions.

In 2,000 B.C. according to one belief an Egyptian baker left its bread in sunlight, and he came back he found the dough fermented. When the baker put the dough in the oven, he noticed that the bread began rising easily.

Ancient Greeks learned bakery from the Egyptians and…

In Europe, cooling freshly caught fish to extend their storage periods was first invented when fish was transported from Scotland to England by sea in the 18th century.

At the end of the 19th century, mechanically produced ice on the fishing boat changed radically the life of fishermen. Among the developed systems, no none was as useful as the ice used to cool fish.

Fish is a nutrient-rich, excellent food source for human diet. With its rich content of protein and polyunsaturated fatty acids, it is a very important food as it meets the body’s basic nutrient needs and makes…

The commercial development of domestic poultry accelerates at the beginning of the industrial revolution. The poultry farms, which reached high production capacity thanks to the first modern poultry houses where heat, light and humidity could be controlled, widespread in the 1920s in the UK and after the Second World War in the United States.

In the previous years, chicken meat production ranked second following the egg production, and only old hens, which stopped laying eggs, were sold for their meat. …

It is well known that humans have been hunting animals in order to feed themselves since the early ages. Therefore, meat is one of the earliest nutritional sources for humans. Archaeological evidence shows that domestication of various plants and animals began in six different regions around the world with the earliest settlements of humans 7 to 10 thousand years ago.

The main target of this revolutionary change, which first began in the tropical and sub-tropical belts of Southeast Asia, South Asia, North and Central Africa and Central America, was to improve agriculture and benefit from the animals’ milk, meat, wool…

Pear is native to the Far East and Central Asia. Grown in the mild temperature zones of both hemispheres, pear is one of the most popular fruits in the world. Although pear grows in any region where apples can be cultivated, it could not spread out as much as apples did. It became the symbol of justice, longevity, purity, wisdom and philanthropic government in China where it was first cultivated. While this fruit symbolises grace, nobility and purity, its tree is the expression of comfort and kindness. …

It is estimated that history of citrus fruits goes back to 20 million years ago in the tropical and sub-tropical regions of Asia.

Growing from the tip of their white flowers, these yellow and orange coloured, and juice dripping fruits spread from Asia to Europe and then to Africa. Although orange was first introduced in Florida by the Spanish as a Spanish fruit, some wild varieties of orange were encountered in some regions of America where red Indians lived.

With a global production of nearly 46 million tons, orange has the highest commercial value among the other citrus fruits. Mandarin…

Being an irreplaceable aroma for the meals, onion creates a large economy with a production of almost 100 million tons a year around the world.

The United Nations reports that onion is grown at least in 175 countries, and this figure more than doubles the number of wheats growing countries.

Asia is the largest producer of onion with a market share of 65%, while Americas, Europe and Africa each has just over 10% of market share.

China is the leader of onion production with 23 million tons in Asia and followed by India with a production of over 19 million…

According to one belief, Buddha’s revelations came to him under a mango tree, and this fruit was presented to the world as blessing.

Named by the Portuguese, who went to India in the 15th century, Mango was then introduced to Australia, the Philippines and West Africa.

It was taken to Florida in 1833 and adapted well to this region before being introduced to Brazil, Ecuador, West Indian Indies, Guatemala, Haiti and Mexico. Although it is native to China, mango became popular after 1958 during Mao’s rule and became the symbol of agricultural labourers.

Unripe mango is used for making juice…

Today, Canada consumes 4 billion of lady finger bananas annually and Germany more than 2 billion. According to another research, 100 bananas are consumed per person in England, and this means 5 billion lady finger bananas.

Moreover, Banana is the staple food for the people of Uganda. One Ugandan consumes 400 kilos of sweet and cooking bananas a year in average.

Although there are many varieties of banana, these varieties could not be included in marketing networks. The most commonly traded variety in the world is cloned Cavendish.

While developed countries consume Banana for its flavor and rich content, it…

Origins of grape vines go back to millions of years ago, and Caucasus, south of the Caspian Sea and North East Anatolia are known as the native lands of grapes.

Modern Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Anatolia and part of Russia are the regions where grapes spread to the world. The availability of many indigenous grape varieties in these regions seems to prove this estimation. Vine cultivation goes back as far as to tribal civilizations. Although it is known that development of vine cultivation dates back to 6000 BC, it is estimated that wine production began long before Over 70 million…

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