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Thanks to the R&D activities that we have been working on in Farminova plant factory, we started to cultivate edible flowers. Areas of use of these owers that have their origins in the Chinese, Greek and Roman Empires are not only to give some flavour to the food, but also to add some colours as well as an esthetical value into it.

We believe, having on our tables these flowers such as violets, pansies, nigellas cultivated in our indoor production areas will enrich our gastronomic abundance.

We are working for a better future for 30 years so that everyone has continuous access to healthy, various and economic food.

Starting with the transition of human life from a hunter-gatherer style to the sedentary form, farming has been one of the most important professions of our civilisation. Foods having vital importance for humankind are real compensations of the farmers efforts and production.
Investing in agriculture and in farmers means investing in our future…
As Cantek Group;
We are happy to celebrate this very special “World Farmers Day” of all farmers from all around the world.

The way of slaughtering animals plays an important role on the quality of the meat. Many irreversible quality losses, especially with regard to the hygiene, originate from improper slaughtering and carcass handling. The meat can keep its freshness, health and taste only with the modern slaughtering techniques, which include basically slaughtering, shredding and cold storage stages. A modern slaughterhouse is the unique way to valorize the meat.

Chicken is the most produced type of meat and the total production value has reached 118 million tons per year

High demand of meat consumption, and therefore steady growth in the amount of production brought about the development of industrial slaughtering and packaging facilities. Cantek offers turnkey industrial slaughtering — processing facility and mobile slaughterhouse projects that priorities technological, fast, efficient and automated systems in order to meet the needs in a timely manner.

Cantek Group

“It is our goal to ensure that producers are rewarded for their efforts, and all countries thrive by using their own resources in the best way.”

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