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Starting with the transition of human life from a hunter-gatherer style to the sedentary form, farming has been one of the most important professions of our civilisation. Foods having vital importance for humankind are real compensations of the farmers efforts and production.
Investing in agriculture and in farmers means investing in our future…
As Cantek Group;
We are happy to celebrate this very special “World Farmers Day” of all farmers from all around the world.

The way of slaughtering animals plays an important role on the quality of the meat. Many irreversible quality losses, especially with regard to the hygiene, originate from improper slaughtering and carcass handling. The meat can keep its freshness, health and taste only with the modern slaughtering techniques, which include basically slaughtering, shredding and cold storage stages. A modern slaughterhouse is the unique way to valorize the meat.

Chicken is the most produced type of meat and the total production value has reached 118 million tons per year

High demand of meat consumption, and therefore steady growth in the amount of production brought about the development of industrial slaughtering and packaging facilities. Cantek offers turnkey industrial slaughtering — processing facility and mobile slaughterhouse projects that priorities technological, fast, efficient and automated systems in order to meet the needs in a timely manner.

Wall paintings of the ancient Egyptians, which depict women grinding grain on stons to make flour, are the evidence of how bread was important for the Egyptian culture. …

In Europe, cooling freshly caught fish to extend their storage periods was first invented when fish was transported from Scotland to England by sea in the 18th century.

At the end of the 19th century, mechanically produced ice on the fishing boat changed radically the life of fishermen. …

The commercial development of domestic poultry accelerates at the beginning of the industrial revolution. …

It is well known that humans have been hunting animals in order to feed themselves since the early ages. Therefore, meat is one of the earliest nutritional sources for humans. …

Pear is native to the Far East and Central Asia. Grown in the mild temperature zones of both hemispheres, pear is one of the most popular fruits in the world. Although pear grows in any region where apples can be cultivated, it could not spread out as much as apples…

It is estimated that history of citrus fruits goes back to 20 million years ago in the tropical and sub-tropical regions of Asia.

Growing from the tip of their white flowers, these yellow and orange coloured, and juice dripping fruits spread from Asia to Europe and then to Africa. Although…

Being an irreplaceable aroma for the meals, onion creates a large economy with a production of almost 100 million tons a year around the world.

The United Nations reports that onion is grown at least in 175 countries, and this figure more than doubles the number of wheats growing countries.

Cantek Group

“It is our goal to ensure that producers are rewarded for their efforts, and all countries thrive by using their own resources in the best way.”

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